Oberon A620 is a high performance additive specially designed to give total power and
protection to gasoline, LPG and diesel engines. Oberon A620 contains powerful
detergents and dispersants which prevent rust, oxidation and sludge build-ups, thereby
reducing engine problems and maximising engine power.

Complete Protection
Most engine oil additives nowadays contain either corrosive detergents or heavy oils.
Oberon A620 is an advanced engine oil additive which penetrates into the inner layers of
metal surfaces to provide lasting protection against carbon and gum build-up. Added
surface protection against extreme pressure comes from the tenacious oil-film of Oberon

Improves The Viscosity Index
Oberon A620 improves the viscosity index of engine oil over a wider operating
temperature range. Engine oils, reinforced with Oberon A620, remain stable in rising
operating temperatures. The result is less initial start wear on cold engine parts.

Prevents Acid Attacks
Gasoline and other fuels contain hydrogen, carbon and sulphur. Oxygen present in
combustion combines with the hydrogen in fuel to form water. In short runs and start-ups,
this water gives rise acids which later attack working parts. The sulphur in the fuel then
combines with the oxygen to form sulphur oxides. If any sulphur oxide gets into the
crankcase, behind rings or on piston walls, cylinders quickly wear out. Oberon A620
protects metal parts from these harmful chemical reactions with its penetrative lubricating
quality and tough oily film that adheres to metal.

Reduces Frictional Drag
A great deal of frictional drag is present in every vehicle. Oberon A620 contains an oily
and coating lubricant that effectively reduces friction and initial start wear in stop and go
engine operations.

Inhibits Oxidation
Oxidation is the basis of the formation of sludge, gum, varnish and carbon deposits and
acidic compounds. This corrodes metal components and affects vital engine parts,
ultimately leading to engine failure. Oberon A620 contains ashless detergents and
powerful dispersants which eliminates these deposits and prevents new ones from
building up.

Preventative Maintenance
The carbon and gum produced by combustion causes piston ring sticking. Stuck rings
cannot expand in cylinder walls, causing crankcase oil to flow into the combustion
chamber where it adds to the deposits. Oberon A620 cleans the ring area thoroughly and
prevents gum build-up in piston rings. By freeing rings from sticking, Oberon A620
eliminates blow-by, decreases oil consumption and maximises engine power. The results
are effective lubrication and, consequently, longer engine life.

Use 1 part Oberon A620 to 40 parts of engine oil.  
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